My First Solo Trip to South Korea: Day 4


2016 Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival (Spring Flower Festival)

This is it! The culmination of my 4-day #Seoul-0 adventure in the land of kimchi. Time flew so fast and I couldn’t help but wish for it stop. I wasn’t ready to go home yet. Hindi ko pa nakikita si Taeyang!┬áT_T

Day 4: Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival, Myeongdong

On the morning of my last day, I went to Myeongdong first to take pictures of my favorite restaurants. I actually enjoyed walking the streets of Myeongdong without the huge crowd. It was a nice breather.

I revisited the center of the shopping haven which was the Myeongdong Theater. I also passed by my favorite mart, the Myeongdong Supermarket (aka mart mart). It took us a long time to locate this mart 2 years ago and when I came back last year, I spotted this right after I got off the bus from the airport. Haha! I love this mart because the food pasalubong like chips, Pepero, noodles, and chocolates were cheaper.

FullSizeRender 39

Myeongdong Theater

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My favorite mart in Myeongdong

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