Random Thought : Living The Dream

I was fourteen when I had a conversation with my mother on what degree I will take in college. I told her straight, I want to become a part of the world of mass media. She was not entirely puzzled about it, but asked me why in a tone as if I went completely nuts. She went in full details about this and that, what’s in store for me, and about my life being in total distress with limitless pressure by people who really have no idea on what they’re doing. All of it entered my left ear and exited through my right ear in a matter of split second. My thoughts were simple – I want to influence, to make a difference and to make a change. It may sound like a Michael Jackson hit but at that very moment, I knew that even my mother could not stop me. I explained her everything I want to happen – to become a news anchor with credibility, to become a journalist that would expose the dirtiest secrets, to be a filmmaker and change a generation, or to become a writer so that my thoughts while I lay on my bed become a game changer in the society. But in the end, I took Engineering. How was that?

Now, as I watch the footage of our first short film, I don’t know why the moment my mother and I were talking comes flashing over and over again. It seems like she is sending messages from up above and telling me exactly what she would always telling me – mass media is for bad ass people. For a moment, I thought she was right. I felt the disappointment while my team was working on our first short. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely knew what I signed up for. I know for a fact that there are outside elements that would attempt to penetrate the pseudo-bulletproof walls we built when we were talking in pre-production. But I never knew it would be huge.

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