Backpacking Hong Kong and Macau Itinerary

Here’s my 5N4D Hong Kong (with 1 day Macau) Itinerary. I hope this helps!


Peso: PHP2,320.00

Hong Kong Dollar: HKD2,263.80 = PHP12,450.90 (November 2012 Conversion Rate – HKD1:PHP5.50)

Total Expenses in Peso (excluding pasalubong/souvenirs): =PHP14,770.90

*Please note that we visited 2 Theme Parks (which are expensive) that’s why the budget was a little higher than the usual. :D

I am going to Hong Kong again this December and I have updated my itinerary. There are significant changes in the prices of Disneyland tickets, MTR and bus fares and of course in the exchange rate so do wait for my updates. In the meantime, use this as a guide.

PS. I did not include all the items in my ‘OC’ itinerary, just the ones that we paid. Kindly refer to the separate detailed posts on my blog about my Day-to-Day activities in Hong Kong and Macau. 😀

5N4D Itinerary

5N4D Itinerary

As of Dec 14, 2013 (my last visit to Hong Kong), the Disneyland one-day pass is HKD450 and Ngong Ping cable car is HKD125 (Discounted: HKD420 and HKD120 respectively). The MTR and bus rates also went up so better check the detailed bus and train fares at the following sites: MTR: http://www.mtr.com.hk/eng/homepage/cust_index.html and NWS Buses: http://www.nwstbus.com.hk.


Day 5: Macau

Backpacking Hong Kong and Macau

Day 1: Manila, HKIA, TST

Day 2: Disneyland and Nathan Road

Day 3: The Peak and Central

Day 3: Ocean Park

Day 4: Ngong Ping and Avenue of the Stars

November 27, 2012

Feels like in Venice

Felt like I was in Venice

My friends (Kat and Melvin) and I checked out from Yiu fai Guesthouse early that day. It was still very gloomy outside. We went to a nearby bakeshop to grab some bread for breakfast then hailed a cab to take us to the China Ferry Terminal. It is located at 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

When we entered the terminal, there were a lot of tourists already buying tickets and waiting for their ferries’ departure. The tickets for the 10am schedule at TurboJet were already sold out when I went to the ticketing office. Then a local approached us and offered a 10am ticket for 160HKD. We were really desperate to go to Macau early so we bought the tickets. (I just said to myself, “Uso rin pala scalper dito. Akala ko sa UAAP Cheerdance lang. haha!) When I looked at the ticket, the price was originally 151HKD. The guy was now 9HKD richer. Oh, well. There were other ferries going to Macau like Cotaijet. Just choose the ferry that suits your preferred travel time.

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