How to Apply for Korean Visa (For Family)

Yaaas! Finally, I can share to everyone the good news. Our visa application was granted and we are off to Korea this December to experience winter (second time for me 😉 ).

So for some of you who would like to bring your family (parents and siblings) to Korea, let me share to you how I applied for our visa and the requirements I submitted.

(Please note that these requirements are based on my family’s scenario: I have a younger brother who is a college student, my Mom is a housewife, my Dad has retired/senior citizen and I am the only person working.)

First things first: Requirements. The list of requirements per applicant type are stated in the embassy’s website which you can access here. For easier comparison, I have enumerated below the list of requirements I submitted for each of my family members. From experience, there is no need to produce multiple copies of the same documents for each applicant (i.e., COE, Bank Certificate and Bank Statement, ITR, Marriage Certificate) if they are provided by one person only. Just include them in the requirements of the owner of the documents.

Tourist Visa Requirements:

List of Requirements

List of Requirements

P.S. I forgot to include the bank statement and bank certificate of my Dad but we also submitted those. Since my Dad has SSS pension and savings, we were able to get the bank documents. We also included his Senior Citizen ID. As for my Mom, we did not include bank documents anymore and I just said that she is a housewife. In any case, you can still submit the bank documents of your Mom. It may add to your capacity to travel.

So once you have completed your requirements, it is now time to have your visa processed. I have written down what you should expect and do once you are at the embassy.

Schedule starting June 1, 2015:

8:30 am to 11:00 am  –  Visa Application

1:30 pm to 4:00 pm    –  Releasing of Passports

Processing Time:
3 working days (for those who have been to OECD member countries within 5 years as tourist, including Korea)
5 working days (for those who have not been to OECD member countries within 5 years)

Visa Fee:

59 days (or less) stay in Korea — GRATIS

60 to 90 days stay in Korea — PHP1,800.00

Step by Step Process:


  1. Proceed to the Korean Embassy to submit your requirements. Visa application is from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 11:00 am.
  2. Secure a visitor pass by presenting a valid ID to the guard.
  3. After securing a visitor pass, have your bags checked then proceed to the staff table located at the entrance of the building.
  4. Have your requirements checked by the staff and wait for your queue number to be issued. It should contain your number and the window where you should pass your requirements. Make sure that your requirements are arranged according to how they are written in the embassy’s website and they should be separated per person. Do not staple them yet.
  5. Wait for your number to flash on the screen and proceed to the window.
  6. Submit your requirements to the staff-in-charge. Wait for him/her to thoroughly check your requirements.
  7. If your requirements are complete, the staff will issue a claim stub with the number of passports you submitted, the control number and date of releasing. If not, you may need to comeback when you have all the additional requirements they will require.
  8. You may leave the embassy after getting the claim stub. And wait patiently. And maybe pray. 😉
Claim stub

Claim stub


  1. Go back to the embassy on the scheduled date of release stated on your claim stub. Visa releasing is from Monday to Friday, 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm.
  2. Again, present your valid ID to the guard to secure a visitor pass. You also need to show your claim stub to verify that you have a confirmed appointment. On the back of your claim stub, write your complete name and contact number.
  3. Proceed again to the staff at the entrance and present your claim stub. The staff will collect your stub and issue you your queue number. He/She will also issue a piece of paper where you will write down all the names of the passports you will be claiming.
  4. Wait for your number to be called and present your number to the staff at your designated window and claim the passports. Make sure that either it has the visa stamped on it or if unfortunate, a paper was inserted indicating the reason why the visa was not granted. There may be times that the processing of the application was not yet done or they may require you to submit additional documents. You need to comeback to the embassy to provide those.
  5. There. You may now start preparing your itinerary if your visa was approved. If it was denied, you may wait for another six months to reapply. (Never give up if visiting Korea is really your dream. I applied a few years back and was also denied. I reapplied last year and I got a visa and traveled to Korea. This year I applied again with my family and I am visiting Korea for the second time).
Korean Visa

Korean Visa


  1. Application Form – Make sure to print the correct form. Check the embassy’s website from time to time if there are any changes. Recently, they changed the form from a single-paged application form to multiple pages with more required details. Write legibly. Make sure that all the information are correct and accurate. Do not leave any blanks. Write N/A if not applicable. Do not forget to sign the forms, especially if the other applicants are not coming with you during the application.
  2. Original Passport – Make sure that it is valid for more than six months. This rule is also mandated by most foreign countries. So have your passport renewed beforehand if your are anticipating an international travel in the near future.
  3. Passport Photo – Make sure that it is passport sized and in white background. Paste it in your application form
  4. Photocopy of the passport bio-page – Make sure that the copy is clear.
  5. Original and photocopy of valid Visas. – If you have a valid visa in an expired passport, make sure to also bring that passport along with your latest passport. Photocopy all your visas and arrival stamps, including your Korean visa, if issued before. I also photocopied my expired passport containing my previous visa for record purposes and to match the passport number indicated in my visa.
  6. Original Certificate of Employment – This document is very important as it may guarantee the embassy that you will return to the Philippines and not seek employment in Korea. Have the HR of your company provide all the information indicated by the embassy.
  7. Original Bank Certificate – The rate per bank differs and also the processing time. Make sure to indicate in your request all the information needed by the embassy.
  8. Original Bank Statement – This requirement was just implemented this year and I think this is also to make sure that you really have enough funds to support your travel. The bank statement should be for the past three months.  
  9. Photocopy of ITR – Make sure to submit your latest ITR or Income Tax Return or BIR form 2316 (from last year). Please take note that for example, your ITR for 2014 will be issued usually during the first quarter of 2015.  Hence, your latest ITR is your ITR last year.
  10. Photocopy of NSO birth certificate  – You only need this requirement if you are applying as a family. This is in order to verify that you are family members. Should be submitted only by the children.
  11. Photocopy of NSO marriage certificate – You only need this requirement if you are applying as a family. This is in order to verify that you are family members.
  12. Original School Certificate – Students can get this from the school registrar or from the college secretary. It should indicate that you are currently enrolled, your student number, level and course (for college students). Processing time may vary per school. In UP, it took us three working days to get my brother’s school certificate.


  1. How much money do I need in the bank? The exact figure wasn’t really stated by the embassy. Based from the blogs that I read, 50k should be okay. In my case, I provided a higher amount since I will bear the cost of the travel for my whole family. I think at least it should match the travel cost that you will indicate in the application form. It is also best to at least keep that amount in your bank account for six months as it will be reflected in your ADB (average daily balance) and in your three months bank statement.
  2. How soon should I process my application? I suggest applying at least 1-2 months ahead. This will give you ample time to secure additional documents or requirements if they will be requested by the embassy. Please note that single entry visas are valid for three months and you are only allowed to stay in Korea for 59 days unless you chose to get a visa for longer stay and with additional cost. Again, it will really depend on you and how confident you are with your requirements. I heard from the other applicants that they only got their visas one week before travelling. I just don’t like taking risks like that and I prefer to book hotels ahead of time and have ample time to plan my itinerary.
  3. Should I buy my plane ticket and book a hotel before applying? Airline ticket and hotel reservations are not part of the requirements in the application. So it will really depend on you. Last year, I bought my ticket during the seatsale in May and applied for my visa in September.
  4. How can I get a multiple-entry visa? I am not really sure about this because there is no item in the application form that will ask you about this. I read in a blog that you may include a letter of request for multiply entry visa. Some of my friends who were frequent visitors of Korea got multiple-entry visa on their third or fourth application. My boss also got multiple maybe because he has visas from several OECD countries. Again, these are just from experience or from what I read from blogs. You may inquire with the embassy the specific requirements.

There you go. Please bear in mind, that these are just based on my experience from applying for visa for my family last September. Also, please take note that I am not connected with anyone from the Korean Embassy (though I wish I am connected with one of the Korean Idols, i.e., Bigbang. haha!). If you have any questions, please send me an email and I’ll try my best to provide an answer or you may contact the Korean Embassy. I tried calling them several times to clarify requirements that are not stated in the website and they provided me with the information I needed. Just please make sure to read the website thoroughly first before calling them. Good luck!

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of the Philippines is located at 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city 1634, Philippines.

  • Tel : (63-2) 856-9210
  • Fax : (63-2) 856-9008
  • E-mail : email
  • Hours of Operation : Monday~Friday 08:30~17:00

106 thoughts on “How to Apply for Korean Visa (For Family)

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  2. Hi, i hope you’re well when this gets to you. Thank you very much for a very detailed account on how to go about applying for a Korean Visa. My family and I would likewise want to go there together this November. Basically, my questions are, since I am a housewife yet I have funds of my own, would I still need to include my own bank account details aside from my husband’s? Also, our two children are already working, but one just already started last November and got regularized this April, he has funds of his own but the problem is that it is more likely that he has no ITR yet. Can he present his father’s. I would really appreciate your response. God bless!

    • Hi Sabrina,

      Regarding your bank documents, I think it would be safe to include yours when you apply. It may add to your capacity to travel. As to whether the person from the embassy will take it or not, I am not really sure. As for the ITR, your son should have his ITR by now. Companies release the ITR around first quarter of the following year. Your son should have his 2015 ITR containing his earnings for Nov-Dec 2015. Thanks!

  3. Hello backpackingwithmishi 🙂
    I want to clarify po sa new application form ano po difference sa section “8. Details of Sponsor” and section “10. Funding Details”?
    kasi im a housewife and my husband is funding the trip and we will apply as family. And also if ikaw ang nag finance ng trip, ano inalagay nyo sa “Estimated Travel cost” individual cost or for everybody?
    Thank you so much!

  4. Hi! Thanks for the detailed info about applying for tourist visa. I have a question. My parents (who are senior citizens) are planning to come to Korea to visit me. As I gathered, I can’t be their sponsor coz I am not a citizen here. So, they will just apply on their own and self-sponsored. The requirements for retirees are retirement documents OR senior citizen card and original bank certificate. Their account is JOINT account. Originally, it was my mother’s alone (that’s where I send their remittance) but because of our plan for them to come here, I told them to make it JOINT account since my father’s bankbook has currently no money in it. He spends all his monthly pension. My mom hasn’t started receiving her pension yet (and it’s in a different bank account). Do you think this joint account is okay? I am worried that the embassy will wonder where they get their money since they are both retired and their pension is not sent in that account.

    Thank you so much!! Godbless

  5. Hi! did you submit separate sets of your COE,ITR, bank cert and statement for your brother and parents? Or will 1 set do for the whole family? Hoping for a response, thank you 🙂

  6. Hi Shiela,

    My mom and I are planning to go to South Korea next year. I don’t know which documents we need to pass as my mom is a housewife (widowed) and I’m the only one working (only child) in our family. Can my mom use her own bank statements for the trip? She has about 900k PHP and 10k+ USD in her 2 bank accounts. Also, who will we declare as the head of the family?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      You can submit her bank statement and certificate as well. These may add to her capacity to travel. Since she’s a housewife, you can state in the application form that you’ll be the one supporting her finances during the travel. Thus, they will refer to all your submitted requirements like COE, ITR, Bank Statement and certificate as proof for your mom. Just don’t forget to bring your birth certificate and their marriage certificate.

  7. Hi! I have a dilemma right now..

    Original Plan: Sasabay ko mama (as housewife, primary cardholder) and sister(as student,supplementary cardholder) magapply since BPI Gold Cardholder din sila. For the sake lang na baka mabigyan ng ME. Unang plano is, ako magssponsor sakanilang dalawa, para maging sigurista, magpapasa parin kami ng financial docs (bank statement, bank certificate). Ang kaso, around 120k lang yung nasa bank ko. Kung around 30k lang yung lalagay namen sa Estimated Travel Cost, kaya naman no? Or masyadong mababa?


    Second Plan: Naisipan ni Mama na magbigay nalang din ng personal bank statement niya and bank certificate and lalagay niya sa sponsor niya is “Myself” nalang, US dollars yung andoon (around 200k, joint account nila ni Papa ito), kaso hindi na gumagalaw yung laman ng money don. Okay lang kaya yun? Or may bearing yung deposit/withdraw sa bank statement? And housewife siya, so pwede bang siya magsusupport sa sarili niya pero sa akin parin yung “CoE” and “ITR”?
    NOTE: May US VISA pala si Mama and nagUS siya last April 2011.

    hindi ko na tuloy alam kung ano dapat gawin or saan kami magsstick na plano. Or baka may maisuggest pa kayong plano para sa scenario nameng tatlo. hehehehe.

    Please pahelp po.

    Next week nadin kasi magaapply and nalilito pa rin kami. Pasensya na sa madaming tanong.
    Maraming Salamat Talaga!

    • Hello,

      I suggest ikaw pa rin yung nakalagay na magsponsor ng trip. Para may ITR at COE kasi important part yun ng travel documents. Then, submit ka pa rin ng bank statement and certificate mo. Tapos for your mother, follow mo nalang yung requirements for BPI Gold card holders.

      Kung kaya naman mag effort sa requirements, feeling ko magdala na rin kayo just to be sure. Kasi nagpasa pa rin ako ng bank documents (statement and certificate) ng parents ko at ng brother ko kahit ako ang magsponsor ng trip namin.

      I hope this helps. 🙂

  8. Hi Shiela! 🙂

    Your post is really helpful! My family and I are planning to go to Korea this November. My mom is a housewife and my dad is a former overseas worker. Ask ko lang sana if paano irereflect yung housewife former overseas worker sa application form. Should I check “Unemployed”?. Also, don sa financial expenses portion, yung expenses ba na ilalagay ko don is for the whole family or sa akin lang, since irereflect din naman sa application form ng parents ko na ako mag-fifinance sa travel? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Marisol,

      I just checked unemployed then I put “housewife”. As for your Dad, I am not really sure. I think it’s okay to check na lang yung unemployed. As for the expenses, just put the expense per person. Just make sure lang that the total for all of you can be supported by your bank statement and certificate. 🙂

  9. hi ms shiela,
    hello. i just want to ask few questions.. im OFW here in Qatar. dito n sana ako kukuha ng visa, kasama ko ang nanay ko magtravel s Korea s December. if ever n mkakuha ako ng visa dito ok lng kaya n i attached nya un s mga requirements nya pag apply nya ng visa dyan s pinas? meron nman syang senior citizen ID, can provide bank cert/ statement.
    thank you in advance.

  10. Hi! I’m a housewife and will be travelling with my husband nxt year to SK. In the employment shld i check
    Others and write Housewife instead of checking unemployed.. thank u!

  11. Hello Sheila!

    I am planning to travel to Korea with my friends on July. I’m a student. And ang concern ko sa pagkuha ng visa ay yung Parent’s Documents. Yung father ko kasi 2 years nang retired pero yung mother ko working pa sa government. Kelangan ko pa ba isubmit yung documents ng both parents ko or pwedeng sa mom ko na lang since siya naman yung working pa? And kelangan ko pa ba isubmit yung ITR ng father ko? Nabasa ko din pala sa ibang travel blogs ng students na they had to submit Affidavit of Support, is that true if parents ko naman and ako ang magffund ng travel ko? Thank you so much in advance! I apologize sa dami ng tanong ko. :))

  12. Hi, I’m planning to travel to SK with my family this April and we’re planning to apply visa this February. I’m making a checklist of the requirements but got few concerns about some documents.

    I just recently got employed (started last Dec) so I’m worried about the ITR requirement. Do you have any advice on what I can do? Also my sister is currently unemployed and I’m not sure of the requirement she has to submit as replacement for COE and ITR. Though, she’s been to SK as exchange student few years ago.

    Now, in our case, my mother will be the one supporting our trip and I’ve read somewhere about the affidavit of support. Do we need individual copies of the affidavit and ITR for me and my siblings or we could just submit one? For the other bank related documents, we could submit just one copy (original) for the whole family, is that right? I just want to double check everything before filing on February and I hope we all could be granted visas.

    Anyway, thank you for your post and hope to hear from you soon. It’s really helpful especially for first-timers! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Denden,

      Since your mother will be supporting you, I think you can just submit her COE, ITR and bank documents. Just one copy for everyone. Since you already have work you can also provide your COE. Regarding your ITR (2016 ITR is still in process for everyone, I think), you may opt to submit 2015 ITR if you have one. Also, if you and your sister have your own bank docs, you may submit them as well.

  13. Hi,

    My mom has retired early (no senior citizens id yet – 58 yrs old) and I’m going to submit an affidavit of support as she’s also a widow. May I know if we still need to submit her bank documents? Also, if she has money in her bank (and eventually submits her bank documents), does she still need to write me as the one who will be sponsoring her trip? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      In my case, I still submitted my parents bank details even though my mom is a housewife and my dad has retired. As for the person supporting their trip, I still wrote my name in it since I was the only one who can provide the COE and ITR.


  14. Hi!
    I just want an advice regarding my visa app.. I submitted our Korean visa application last Friday, Mar.3, 2017. In their visa categories, I fall under the housewife. I’m a retired employee since 2005 and now a plain housewife but I’m not yet a senior citizen. The requirements under the housewife category are the husband’s COE, bank cert, bank statement, ITR, copy of NSO Marriage Cert. and since I’m already a widow (4 yrs. ago) and I have my own personal bank accounts, I submitted my personal bank acct. and a pension-payroll acct. I also submitted a certification from the company stating that I’m a retiree receiving a lifetime monthly pension of (amount).And because of this, I’m confused if i have to submit the copy of Marriage Cert.. I’ve waited for the staff to ask me for the Marriage Cert. but she didn’t. When I got home and review the requirements on their website, I think I have to submit it. I just want to ask if do I have to submit it immediately or wait for their call? I’m worried kc bka un maging reason para ma deny ako. Do they give consideration on the day of releasing the passport that they ask for add’l requirements.One thing more, I’m travelling with my daughter & sister and the staff asked only for the Birth Cert. of my daughter. Can you enlighten me on my situation. Di kc ko makatulog.

    • Hi Ms Myrna,

      Regarding the Marriage certificate, I think kailangan po talaga siya to prove na married kayo sa husband niyo. If ever na naman fault na nila yun na hindi nila kayo nahingian. Yung iba naman po pinapabalik to submit. And usually tinatawagan sila or kapag bumalik kayo sa schedule ng release ng passport saka nila sasabihin na may additional requirements.

  15. Thank u Ms. Shiela. Could I be categorized as Retired in their visa category even if I’m not yet a Senior Citizen since I’m actually a retired employee? I submitted proof of retirement. I think this could be a substitute to Senior Citizen’s ID.In Sec.7 un current personal circumstances I checked Retired. If that would be my category, I think I have no problem for not submitting the Marriage Cert. because it’s not included in the requirements for Retired Senior Citizen.Sana nga sa Retired n lng.


  16. Hi Shiela!

    Thank you for your very detailed post. It’s really helpful! I have a question, though. Medyo kinakabahan din kasi ako. Our situation kasi, sa family namin ay lahat working. kaso my brother will support my father in our trip. Wala kasing bank account yung dad ko kahit may work siya. Tumawag ako sa Embassy to ask about our situation. Sabi ng mga sumasagot sa embassy, need pa rin daw i-submit yung requirements ng dad ko plus requirements ng brother ko. Kumpleto naman kaso yung bank details lang talaga wala yung dad ko. May ITR and COE din siya.

    Kaso nung nagpasa ako last Friday, binalik nung nasa window yung requirements ng dad ko. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Sabi ko dependent siya ng brother ko (Si kuya kasi mag su-support). Tapos ayun, binalik niya yung lahat ng requirements ng dad ko pati yung supporting documents ng brother ko, except yung COE ng dad ko. Yung copy lang ng dad ko yung binalik. May sariling kopya naman si kuya at nandoon na sa kanila.

    Normal po ba talaga yung ganong requirement kung dependent yung parent? Nakita ko kasi sa post mo na no need yung bank details and stuff kapag mag a-apply ka as family. Parang isang copy lang yung need and basta may proof of relationship like birth certificate. Tinatry ko na rin naman tumawag sa Embassy kaso walang sumasagot. 😦

    Advance thanks! 🙂

  17. Hi Shiela,
    Ask ko lang po , kasi yung mama ko widowed na, kailangan parin po ba ng marriage contract sa requirements niya for applying korean visa?

    Advance Thanks 😊

  18. Hello!plan ko magapply ng tourist visa this march kaka end lang ng contract ko so unemployed na ko ngayon pero yung fiance ko na ofw na nasa korean ngayon ang mag finance ng trip ko meron naman akong sariling bank account at may ipon ako meron din akong itr galing sa previous company ko pero ung coe wala papano po kaya yun?ano po mga need ko na isubmit na docs.thank you.

  19. Hi Shiela! In section 9.7 of the application form, the space is not enough. Can i continue answering it on the last page, the one that says ‘attachment’? or should i provide an extra A4 paper for just a single answer? Thanks!

  20. Hi! I just came across your blog while I was doing my research for a trip that I really want to push through! (huhu) I find that our family’s in a similar situation; my dad’s also retired, my mom’s a housewife, my elder brother’s employed, and I’m currently studying. I just want to ask advice on something. What if I plan to go to SoKor with my college friend, and I plan to ask my brother for support, will there be a need to submit like an Affidavit of Support or something given that we won’t be travelling together as a family? I really need your opinion on this since my brother’s the only one that has a stable source of income as of the moment. Thank you in advance!

  21. Hi Ms. Shiela,
    I’m planning to go to korea this October with my parents and bf. Medyo worried lang ako kasi both of my parents are unemployed na and senior citizens na. Both of them have pension naman pero yung sa Dad ko lang yung malaki. Ang original plan ko is sya din ilalagay ko na magsupport sa Mom ko. Okay lang ba yun? Or dapat ako na lang since employed naman ako? Medyo di ko kasi kaya yung 100k, or pwede ko naman siguro ilipat na lang yung sa Dad ko sakin. Mas safe ba yun? And magkano kaya dapat laman ng bank namin if 12 days kami magstay?

  22. Hello! I’m a student planning to go on vacation sa Seoul before the year ends. My problem is with the ITR and other documents of my parents because my current guardian is my sister. Would they consider that? And I won’t be traveling with my sister but she’s paying my travel. I’m only nervous that they won’t take her documents because she’s not my parent.

  23. Hi Shiela,

    Our Family plans to apply for a Korean Visa. Here is our situation, my father is a retired OFW and not yet a senior citizen, he also has no bank account. I have 2 sisters, both are working, but they only maintain a payroll bank account and this usually has no balance as they withdraw most of it every payroll.
    Can I be the sponsor of them all (3) and how much should I have in my bank account, let’s us say, for a 3-4 days stay? and will my 2 sister still need to submit their financial documents even if I’ll be their sponsor?

    Also, my girlfriend will also be accompanying us, can I also be her sponsor?

    Thank you.

    • Hi John,

      You may sponsor your family members. Just make sure that your bank balance can cover the whole trip for all 4 of you. The cost will really depend on your activities per day (maybe 5k a day including hostel?). Since your sisters are also working, they also need to submit all the other documents like ITR and COE. Don’t forget to get your NSO BC and your parents’ MC as proof of your relationship.

      Regarding your girlfriend, I am not really sure how this will work. But if she has all documents (including financial) that would be fine.

  24. Hi! pag family visa ba , kailangan sabay sabay din kami umalis papuntang Korea, Invited kami by a korean national asawa sya nang second sister ko,. ininvite kami kasi yung eldest sister ko ikakasal din sa korean national. nirurush na kasi nang ate ko na makapunta yung parents ko, kaso di ako makkasabay kasi may thesis defense pa ko,. balak sana namin na mauna sila , then susunod nalang ako,. possible kaya yun? di ba magkakaproblema sa immigration sa araw nang flight ko?

  25. Hi, my family is planning to go to SK this December. My father owns a sari-sari store so in his visa application, he indicated Self-employed. He was able to secure all the requirements (including business registration form and permits) except for the ITR. Is it ok if walang ITR sa issubmit niya na requirement or needed talaga?

    Or would it be better for me to sponsor the trip and ako na lang mag submit ng mga necessary requirements since I’m employed and complete lahat ng requirements ko. Just have to show na I can support the whole trip. For my father’s case, bank statements na lang issubmit niya?

    Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi John,

      I think we have the same situation.Since I was not able to get the required documents for my dad’s business (esp ITR dahil small sari-sari store lang naman), I just indicated in the application that I will sponsor his trip since I have complete requirements. I just submitted his bank cert and statement for financial capacity.

      • hi shiela,
        thank you for the details. but about my case we already bought tickets to korea me and my parents. the problem is my parent are both unemployed and they are not senior citizen or retired they have small business but no business documents. what are the documents we need to provide for visa application? can i sponsor them to our trip? how much bank ADB do we need for certification?
        pls advice, thank you.

      • Hi Dawn,
        With your case, you may opt to just sponsor your parents’ trip since their business documents are not available. You can just indicate housewife or unemployed. Regarding your ADB, it should be able to cover all your expenses (you and your parents). It would also depend on the number of days you will stay there. I budgeted around 5k/day/person (food, transpo, hotel, activities)

  26. hi sheila ask ko lang pano yung samen ng baby ko kasi isasama lang kami ng tita ko so sponsor nya kaming dalawa tapus wala akong work 3 years na may pag asa kaya yun? na makakuha kami ng visa?

    • Hi Astine,
      Regarding your situation, I am not really sure if you are not a direct relative. I think you still have to prove your relationship with your aunt (nso docs, etc). If she have the financial capacity to support your travel, there’s a good chance that the embassy will approve your visa application.

  27. Hi! I have visited Korea twice for the last 2 years. Right now, I’m planning to bring my parents wiht me for another vacation through a DO IT YOURSELF tour. Do I need to bring them both in the Korean embassy w to apply their visa? My father is a retired seaman without pension while my mother is a retired teacher, a senior citizen at the same time with pension. They have a joint account which obviously larger than mine. My brother, a seaman is willing to shoulder all their expenses, the problem is, he will not be joining us for this vacation. What requirements do I need to prepare for them? Do I need to write down on their visa application form that it was my brother who is shouldering the expenses? Thank you.

    • Hi Keisha,
      No need to bring your parents to the embassy. Just make sure that they have properly signed and answered the forms. I am not really sure which one will work. But since you will be coming with them, can your bank account shoulder your whole stay (you and your parents) in Korea? That would be easier, I think. Your parents can also submit their bank documents and senior IDs as proof that they have already retired.

  28. I’m planning to travel to SK with my family this May 2017. Ang worry ko lng is ung passport nya is name nung dalaga pa cya, na apply nya kc un a week after our wedding 2016 since d pa available ang marriage certificate that time kaya ginamit nya ang name nya nung dalaga pa lng para mkapg book kmi agad ppunta thailand. naka booked na ako ng sale ng ticket to korea. Possible pa rn ba na ma approved kmi kahit d pa update ang passport nya, valid pa kc un for 3 years remaining. Thanks

    • Hi Ron,

      Regarding your concern, I am not really familiar about this. I think it is best to call the Philippine Immigration and the Korean Embassy to check. There could be problems if the ticket you booked and the documents you will submit already bear her married name.

  29. Hi there!! I hope you’re well. I have a concern lang 😦

    I am currently a college student but since my sister is the one named under our family business, her docs were what i submitted (itr, dti, bank cert and statements) but for addtl docs, i also submitted my mom’s bank statement and cert stating in a cover letter that her bank account receives remittances from our family business.
    My sister’s bank is in unionbank, a joint one with my mom. My mom’s bank is bdo. The unionbank bank statements were printed from their system so i asked to get it stamped as certified true copy. The bank cert didnt include the adb (i was told na their bank certs were system generated so they couldnt edit it. I was told also na they can see the transactions naman from the bank statements). Ung sa bdo naman no problem.

    Im travelling with my 2 friends plus the tita of one of them. So apat po kame. We submitted our applications as a group. Sa window 1, nung chinecheck na, binalik saken ung bank statements ng bdo and unionbank. At first akala ko binalik lng ung 1st page cos may july na transactions (3 months is aug sept oct). Pero maya maya pati unionbank bank statements binalik. As in, lahat ng page ng bank statements. Then nung chineck ko ulit pati lahat ng pages ng bdo bank statements binalik din. Im so scared what if ideny nila for incomplete docs e complete naman tlga un dko gets bat nya binalik 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 idk what to do should i call them and let them know or ??? :((((
    We apploed this morning nga po pala huhuhu

    Thank you so much for your time and God bless!
    Praying for the best 😦

    • Hi,

      Regarding your concern, did you submit your sister’s birth cert, your birth cert, and your parents’ marriage cert? You need to show these in order to prove that they are your family members. You also need to indicate in the application form that your sister will sponsor your trip. I hope this helps.

      • Yep i did!!!! I submitted my birth cert, my sister’s, and my parents’ marriage cert. And i had an affidavit of support notarized stating na my sister will be the one supporting me in my trip.

        Im just really scared kase ang kinuha lang nila na bank docs ko are the unionbank and bdo bank certificates. The bank statements of both, binalik nila 😦 i have everything naman. Complete sya swear 😦 pero un nga po, binalik ung bank statements (all pages. As in everything. Buong 3 months hahahah) 😦 😦

        Nakakastress haha. Thank you for replying!!!

    • No, not credit card anything at all po 😦 huhu sige po will try to calm down hahaha. Tas kase we submitted as a group po diba. Tinry ko ung visa application checking online portal nila. Ung sa friend ko may status na na ‘received’ ung akin no data found pa din HUHU Nappraning ako lol anyways thank you so much!! 🙂

  30. Hi! My sisters and I are planning to visit korea.. Kasama ko yung daughter ko.. I only have one copy if my bank cert and statement, kailangan ba na isang set ng requirements for me and isang set din for my daughter? Or isa lang para sa aming dalawa since ako naman yung mother nya and ako naman mag support ng trip namin mag ina?

  31. Hi Sheila! Hubby and I are applying for a visa in the coming weeks. Thing is, we’re both employees and we have a joint account and a joint bdo gold cc (he is primary i am supplementary). I understand that we have to furnish our own separate COEs. But the thing is do we also have to present two copies of the same bank documents? Or would one suffice? And kailangan pa ba ang Marriage Certificate given that we are supporting our trip naman and not a sponsor of each other? Thanks for your attention!

  32. Hi Shiela! I would just like to ask if airbnb is honored by the Korean embassy because in the application form, we need to write the address where we would stay. Is it okay if I write the address of the airbnb that we have booked or is it required to write a hotel? And also, if it is okay to ask how much did you declare sa application form na gagastusin niyo for the trip since we are also travelling as a family and me and my brother are students so per application form dapat ba as a family yung declared money na ggastusin or per person siya? Thank you very much and I am hoping for your answer. God bless! 🙂

    • Hi Patrisha,

      It’s okay to use your airbnb address. It’s as good as your hotel reservation. Regarding the declared amount to be used during the travel/expenses, I just multiply 5K to the number of days I will be staying there. Just put individual expense sa application.

  33. Hi! I have a concern, It’s my second time to travel to Korea. (first time was when i was a student travelling with parents). Now, I’m a professional and just recently hired and became regular in our company. But I only earn P12,000 a month. my problem is that I don’t have my own bank account. Though, my dad and I have a joint account costing over a million pesos. And my dad is not travelling with me. Can I submit my dad and my joint account for bank cert and bank statement? it’s the same account i submitted when I was still a student. Should I submit my dad’s birth cert as well for identity proof? Thank you and looking forward for your reply!

    • Hi Inna,

      I am not really sure how joint accounts work when submitting Visa requirements. But what you can do, maybe have your dad as the one to finance your travel. Submit all his employment and bank docs as per visa requirements, including your birth cert and their marriage cert. Or maybe you could try calling the embassy first to double check? So there’s no need to get many requirements.

  34. Hi Sheila! My children (2) and I would like to apply for a Korean Visa because we want to visit Seoul this Spring. My husband is a seaman (he’s currently at sea as of this writing). Can I submit his Employment Contract instead of a Certificate of Employment? His company won’t give me one kasi daw he is currently not in the Philippines. I have 1,xxx,xxx in my personal bank account. Okay lang kaya yun? Thank you!

    • Hi Ms Esther,

      I am not sure if the embassy will accept the Employment contract. You may call them directly to verify. As for your bank requirements, as long as the money is enough to cover the expenses you will state in the application form, I think that would be fine. And your 1,xxx,xxx for me is more than enough.

      • Hi Sheila, I submitted the Employment Contract of my husband and the consul accepted it. They might require me additional documents, I’ll let you know. I also attached a cover letter stating that my family and I will be joining a group tour & the reason why I cannot provide my husband’s COE but should they require it, I would be more than willing to comply. I hope we get our visas!! It’s so nerve-racking! Btw, your blog is very helpful! More power to you!

  35. Hello Ms. Shiela! Quick question regarding the requirements, my family and I are planning to visit SK soon. My father is a seafarer and I’m not sure which requirements he will need to travel as a tourist? I’m confused between the requirements for Employees and Seafarers. Thank you in advance!

  36. Hi! I, my niece and nephew are about to apply for a Korean visa. Can we apply as a family? ‘Cause it said at the example parent, spouse, children and siblings only. Thanks!

  37. Hello, Miss Sheila! I’m a student and my family will be applying for our korean visas. Question is, Do i need to submit original versions of my mom’s bank documents or photocopies are okay? Thank you!

  38. Hi Sheila. Thank you for the very informative blog and comments.

    Question lng po ako. Sorry if madami at mahaba.

    1. Meron OECD (US Visa) yung parents ko. Which page po ba yung ipa xerox ko? Kasi ang nakita kong stamp ng US arrival na sa pagitan po ng 2 page dun mismo sa Biopage ng US Visa nila. Kaya parang hindi clear yung stamp. Yung stamp po ba na pag alis dito at pagdating nila sa pinas hindi na kasali sa xerox?

    2. How about yung ​Passport Bio-Page (expired) pero andun yung US Visa nila, ipa xerox ko din po ba or only the US VIsa page?

    3. 5 po kami lahat, yng sister ko which is married will finance by my parents. Isasama pa ba yng marriage contract nya kahit hindi nman c husband nya yng mg finance? Or only Birth Certificate? Kailangan din ba isama yng marriage contract ng parents namin?

    4. Do you think, magkaiba pa ng pila or lahat dun na kami sa Window 1 yung meron pong OECD? Ako po yng mgpapasa ng documents namin lahat.

    Your response is greatly appreciated.

    • Hello!

      For Q1 and 2: Photocopy mo yung pages where the visa is saka yung stamp ang arrival and exit nila sa US. Please also include the biopage of the old passport where the visa is, kasi may passport number na nakaindicate dun. para may reference sila.

      For Q3, yes you need to submit your sister’s birth cert and your parents’ marriage cert since sila ang mag finance ng travel. Siguro ipasa mo na rin yung sarili nyang marriage cert, especially if nagbago na ang surname niya.

      For Q4, dito hindi ako sure. pero nung ako yung nag-apply dun ako sa window ng may OECD pinapila.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much. This Wed na po ako mgsubmit ng requirements po namin lahat. Do you think 6am marami na pong tao dun nakapila?

  39. Hi, Ms. Sheila, I and my family also planning to visit Sokor this coming May. I will sponsor my 2 sisters they have work and i asked them to provide all the requirements and my parents both no work. My questions is do i need to provide them all original requirements like bank cert and statement and coe or copy for my parents as additional requirements. And do i need also to provide for my sisters as additional requirements?

      • Thank you for info. I just read the news from korean embassy facebook site that they will not accommodate now the walk-in applicants they will provide designated agencies to limit the long line of applicants outside the embassy. Hope that would be ok.

  40. Hi, I’m a student. Ask ko lang what if both parent are in abroad how can I provide Affidavit of Support? Does it have to be notarized? Can I just submit a photocopy?

  41. Hi. Ms. Shiela, I have a concern. Me, my mom and sister are planning to visit SoKor this June, I will sponsor my mom and my sister for this travel. Do i have to provide affidavit of financial support for them? Thank you in advance. 😀

  42. Hello shiela! We applied for visa today but binalik ung docu namin since ung school certificate ko is not honored. School cert ba is ung document stating that you are enrolled in this university? It wasnt clear eh. And also, my mom’s gonna be sponsoring iur trip. 2 kami and ang laman ng bank account niya is 56,000 php. Is it enough for us two na magstay for 5 days sa Korea or do we need more?

    • Hi Micah, for your school cert, you need to request for your college a document stating that you are currently enrolled in the university (including your course). Not just the proof of enrollment/payment. For the bank account, as long as it’s same or more than your indicated travel expense, that should be fine. I always assume that one person will spend 5,000 a day in korea to cover all expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, transfer, activities)

      • Last question. Does the 5 working days processing of visa include the day you applied or not? And, would you advice buyung a plane ticket first before applying for visa? My mom is worried that we might have to pay more if we wait for the visa to be confirmed.

      • Hi Micah, yes it includes the day you submitted your requirements. Regarding the plane ticket, its not required by the embassy and will not guarantee that your application will be granted. If you are willing to take the risk, you can already buy now if the current airfare rate is cheaper that the regular rate. Again, there are pros and cons if you buy now or later.

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