How to Apply for Korean Visa (For Family)

Yaaas! Finally, I can share to everyone the good news. Our visa application was granted and we are off to Korea this December to experience winter (second time for me 😉 ).

So for some of you who would like to bring your family (parents and siblings) to Korea, let me share to you how I applied for our visa and the requirements I submitted.

(Please note that these requirements are based on my family’s scenario: I have a younger brother who is a college student, my Mom is a housewife, my Dad has retired/senior citizen and I am the only person working.)

First things first: Requirements. The list of requirements per applicant type are stated in the embassy’s website which you can access here. For easier comparison, I have enumerated below the list of requirements I submitted for each of my family members. From experience, there is no need to produce multiple copies of the same documents for each applicant (i.e., COE, Bank Certificate and Bank Statement, ITR, Marriage Certificate) if they are provided by one person only. Just include them in the requirements of the owner of the documents.

Tourist Visa Requirements:

List of Requirements

List of Requirements

P.S. I forgot to include the bank statement and bank certificate of my Dad but we also submitted those. Since my Dad has SSS pension and savings, we were able to get the bank documents. We also included his Senior Citizen ID. As for my Mom, we did not include bank documents anymore and I just said that she is a housewife. In any case, you can still submit the bank documents of your Mom. It may add to your capacity to travel.

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