Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine (July 2015 Edition)

Siem Reap travel tips

Siem Reap travel tips

Last April, one of my college friends Mitch Alvarez tagged me in a Facebook post by Ms Nikka Sarthou-Lainez who is looking for contributors who are interested in sharing travel tips for international and domestic destinations of Cebu Pacific Air. Ms. Nikka is a Contributing Editor for Smile Magazine, the in-flight magazine of CebuPac.

Smile Magazine July 2015 edition

Smile Magazine July 2015 edition

I was a bit hesitant at first but I grabbed the opportunity to share some tips for those who will travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I thought, I was able to reach out to other travelers using the web through my blog and tripadvisor so why not reach out to those who are actually on their way to different destinations and are fond of reading printed materials like magazines. I myself love to read travel and food magazines because they make me feel that I am in the same place as those in the photos. So I emailed Nikka and asked her about the information needed for the contribution. After a few exchange of messages, I was able to complete the list of questions that she sent and also gave a copy of my solo picture – which was more difficult to select than the tips I shared. I also told my best friend, Melvin about the contribution and asked him to send his tips as well. 😀

Bangkok travel tips

Bangkok travel tips

A few months later, while I was browsing my instagram, one of my former housemates tagged me in a photo. And to my surprise, it was my face in CebPac’s Smile Magazine for July. It was surprising and overwhelming and my heart just cannot contain the happiness I felt. It is not everyday that you get to see your face in a magazine, especially in an airline magazine that can be read in all flights of Cebu Pacific – international and domestic. It was surreal. I was on cloud nine.

yep, that's me :)

yep, that’s me 🙂

So for those who will be on a Cebu Pacific flight this month, look me up there. I will be with you until you reach your destination, wishing you safe and happy travel. If not, then you may also check out the online version here. Happy reading! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine (July 2015 Edition)

  1. Hi. Great! I want to contribute as well and hopefully get featured. 🙂 But where do I start? I have travelled to various local and international destinations but I don’t blog. What can you advise?

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