Thresher Cove Resort and Dive Center

Welcome to Thresher Cove

Welcome to Thresher Cove

Situated along the eastern seaboard of Malapascua, Thresher Cove is just a small resort equipped with amenities you need for an absolute relaxation. Imagine yourself under the sun looking out to the crystal clear water cutting through the creamy white sand and the clear blue sky all by yourself. Yes, all by yourself. Thresher Cove is so isolated you can have an entire hundred meter of shore to run around and do whatever you want. In terms of my criteria when it comes to booking a resort/hotel, I always visit TripAdvisor to see unbiased reviews of travelers from all over the world. Thresher Cove at the time of my visit was ranked number 1 on the list which was a plus. I also considered the location and the number of things I can do without going out of the resort. And Thresher Cove gave me everything I can possibly hope for in a resort–you can have the entire beach for yourself, canoe all you want, snorkel all you want, swim all you want, play billiards, learn to scuba dive, watch movies, eat good food, and of course relax.

Our everyday view

Our everyday view (c)

For you to understand where I am coming from, I broke things down for you to show why Thresher Cove should be your home whenever you are in Malapascua. Verdict: Affordability (4/5) Let’s face it, for a backpacker, room prices are very crucial and we want to get the most out of every centavo we pay to the resort/hotel. Thresher Cove prices vary from FREE (you can bring your tent) if you dive with them up to a little under 10,000Php for the Captain’s Villa. They offer a room whatever your budget is. We stayed in a double cabana equipped with fan, light, a socket, a double bed with mosquito net. The room, although very basic provided extreme relaxation.

Line of affordable rooms

Line of affordable rooms (c)

Small nipa hut for guests

Small nipa hut for guests

2. Location (5/5) Although it is quite isolated, I actually think the location added an undefinable charisma. Bounty beach may be the center of the party during the night but at least you can have a place to go to whenever you wanted to get out of the noise and the booze–very much like home. 3. Service (5/5) What makes a resort/hotel stand out is the quality of service and Thresher Cove will never disappoint. Right from the moment I set foot on the resort, we were greeted with their very good and accommodating staff. They helped us from putting our things in our room, even extended a hand when we wanted an extra bed, suggested a good food, did not charge me and understood me when I rented a camera that I wasn’t able to use, and helped us find a public boat that would take us from Thresher Cove to Maya port when we checked out.

Free boat for guests

Free boat for guests (c)

4. Comfortability (4/5) Staying in one of the cabanas won’t probably give you the luxurious vacation and ultimate relaxation you’ve been thinking of, but with the location of your room, you will be one with nature. From the sound of the waves to the cool breeze entering during night time, you will probably just sit around and admire the things and think about the simple things you are missing because of today’s fast paced life.

Serene location

Serene location (c)

5. Amenities (4.5/5) Thresher Cove boasts as the ONLY RESORT IN MALAPASCUA WITH A POOL. If you are tired exploring the depths and admiring marine life, you can just take a dip in the warm pool. It is actually pretty good for people who are learning how to scuba dive. Thresher Cove also has a billiard table that you can use anytime, a lounge with massive movie collection, a restaurant, and of course and probably my favorite–100 meters of pure white sand beach.

The only pool in Malapascua

The only pool in Malapascua

Diving Lessons

Diving Lessons

Overall verdict (4.5/5) Thresher Cove caters not just for luxury travelers but pretty much from all bracket budget. You can enjoy and use the facilities even if you just set up a tent if you dive with them. It’s definitely a place for all ages and most importantly, excellent service will reflect happy campers

Room with a view

Room with a view (c)