Passport Renewal at DFA SM Megamall (Update)

Last January 2015, I had my passport renewal at the DFA in SM Megamall. Unlike the last time that I experienced renewal for my Mom, this time the passport I renewed was issued in 2010 –  the most recent passport type that DFA is issuing. So I thought that a lot of you are interested in knowing the requirements. So here you go!

Before going to DFA, make sure that you have a scheduled appointment. They have a policy of no appointment no entry. You may select your desired appointment date using this site. Make sure that you have complete requirements before going to your appointment date.

Here are the requirements:

  • Personal appearance
  • Confirmed appointment  (sent through your email)
  • Duly accomplished application form (sent through your email)
  • No need to submit a passport size photo
  • Most recent expiring or expired passport
  • 2 Valid picture IDs and supporting documents to prove identity (original and photocopy)

As for the picture IDs, I brought my UMID (Unified Multipurpose ID) and company ID. Other valid IDs are your SSS ID, Driver’s License, School ID and Professional License. You may visit this site for the list of other valid IDs.


1. Arrive at DFA at 30 minutes before your appointment.

2. Line up near the entrace and wait for the guard to check your confirmed appointment.

3. Proceed to the front desk and present your Application Form.

4. During my visit, the Queuing Maching was not working so make sure to enter the Processing Section as soon as possible and look for the end of the line – the last seated person.

4. Wait for your turn (which involves a lot of transferring of seats).

5. Present all your requirements to the windows assigned to you.

6. Once you are done, proceed to the Payment section. You may opt to pay for express or regular processing.

7. After you have settled your payment, line up in the Encoding section where they will take your e-signature and biometrics.

8. There, your passport renewal has ended. You may want to have your passport delivered or you may want to personally pick it up at DFA. You can pay at the Delivery section before leaving if you want your passport to be delivered.

The process is really very quick and easy. If they have a lot of staff working at the same time especially at the Encoding section, your renewal will only last up to 1 hour. However, during our turn, there were only few staff so it took us over 2 hours to finish.

Fortunately for us, our passports arrived on time. I know from experience that some people got their passports late. Just make sure to follow up at the DFA office – you may want to call them or visit the site personally. At times they experience machine trouble so some passports are printed and delivered late. If you will travel in the near future, say a few weeks after your renewal, you may tell the staff not to punch your passport first just to make sure that you have a valid passport if any case your renewed passport gets delayed. You can just present your old passport and have it punched before getting the new one.

Happy traveling!


5 thoughts on “Passport Renewal at DFA SM Megamall (Update)

    • Hello!
      For the past applications that I’ve experienced (for my Family and I and some renewals), all of them were at the DFA office on time when I claimed them. I am not really sure of the case when you have a courier send it to your house. I always pick up mine at their office in Megamall. 🙂

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