Korean Visa Application


Visa is valid for 90 days/3 months since date of issue and maximum number of stay is 59 days.

With the super cheap seatsales being offered by different airlines and the booming Hallyu influence in the country, South Korea has been one of the dream destinations of many people. Of course, I am one of them. My addiction to anything and everything Korean (food, music, shows) has ledĀ me to apply for that elusive visa.


1. Download the Application Form from the embassy’s website.

2. Fill out the form and complete all the requirements stated on the second page of the form.


3. Go to the Korean Embassy located at McKinley Hill. Processing time is from 9-11AM, Monday to Friday.

4. Be there early as the line easily gets long. Register first at the guard and get your visitor pass.

5. Upon entering the building, fall in line at the desk near the door where you will see some of the Embassy’s staff and policemen seating.

6. Provide all your requirements (We provided the following: passport, photocopy of passport’s bio page, passport photo, COE, Bank CertificateĀ and ITR). The person in-charge will then give you your queue number.

7. Wait for your number to be called or shown at the window. There are 2 windows that are mainly serving the visa appications. I think Window 1 is for non-frequent traveler and Window 2 is for those who have visa of OECD countries.

8. When your number gets called, go immediately to the window and submit your requirements. The staff will briefly check your requirements then give you a slip indicating your passport details and the releasing date. By 9:30 we were already done and still had time to have a quick breakfast at the nearby Jollibee.


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Revisiting UP Diliman

Quezon Hall

Quezon Hall



Whenever I feel sad, down or confused, I always go back to the place I consider my second home and my little piece of heaven on earth – UP Diliman Campus.

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