Backpacking Indochina Day 2 – Songkran

What Songkran can do to normal people. :D

What Songkran can do to normal people. 😀

Day 0: Manila to Bangkok, Thailand

Day 1: Grand Palace, Chao Phraya River and MBK

Having a good night sleep can change how your mind works. It was 7AM, we walked outside. My voice echoed in the deserted corridor, we went inside the lift and went down. The road was wet, we saw trails from last night’s party. We walked to the nearest McDonald’s-turned-beauty-parlor to have breakfast. Upon entering, I immediately looked for seats. The entire place was occupied by women (maybe not, I was not sure) doing make ups and dressing up for what I reckon, a parade or such. We ordered food and ate in a nook. It was still quiet outside. As we went outside, people are starting to go out. Maybe Songkran is about to begin. Before heading to the hotel, we stopped by a 7-11 store to buy water and some snacks. Water is outrageously cheap in Bangkok, we bought three 2L water for just about 30baht.

Finally! A decent breakfast. Chos.

Finally! A decent breakfast. Chos.

Before entering Rambuttri House, we passed by a bbq stand where I bought chicken bbq. We saw Lif about to go out. We were thinking maybe they are preparing for Ayuthaya. But no one is around beside him. We went upstairs and watched some movies. Kat was very problematic about the amount of cookies she brought (sa sobrang dami gusto na namin ibato sa bintana).

After about an hour, we decided to go out. Rambuttri Road was silent, nothing was really happening. We thought “puyat ba sila? Anong oras na konti palang ang tao sa labas”, so after traversing Rambuttri Road once, we decided to go back to the hotel first.

Mapagpanggap na Rambuttri Road.

Mapagpanggap na Rambuttri Road.

Once we open the door of our room, “lagi kong sinasabi na buksan ang TV sayang ang bayad” hehe. “Sorry kasi TV ang nagpapakain sakin kaya mahilig din talaga ako sa TV”. We were really relaxed. We still got money and we didn’t know where to use them, we thought “ipambili na ng sandamakmak na Lays sa 7-11”. An hour has passed, something came to my mind “nakakailang damit na ba ako? Pitong pares lang ang dala ko pero malabong isuot ko pa yung mga maong shorts kasi mainit”. Quickly, I decided to wash my clothes (walang sabi sabi), good thing I brought detergent bar (ayoko ng powder baka pagkamalang drugs sa airport makulong pa ko), I washed about three shirts and two shorts, we opened the window so that the hot air can come in and make my clothes dry. After I washed my clothes, Shiela and Kat followed (kunyari pa ayaw maglaba pero kulang na yung damit nila). Our room became instant laundry shop. It took us about an hour and a half to finish everything.

It was lunch time, while a lot of our “friends” are enjoying Ayuthaya, we were in our room about to go out to experience the Thai new year. We changed to light clothes, goggles on and then we went out. The street was quite silent (I don’t know what was wrong! Did you just cancel Songkran? If so, why didn’t you tell us?). We were a bit disappointed because we thought it will be the wildest street party ever. But we spoke too soon. As soon as we were near the end of Rambuttri, we found ourselves crossing the street full of whites with big water guns. Uh-oh! Blah!Sprt! Those white guys knew no mercy. They will attack you with all their mights. We were soaking even before entering Khao San. We were so wrong about Songkran. When we entered Khao San, there was a party. It was festive, everyone was enjoying, dancing, screaming (perfect time to listen to the song “Free”). It was like being in a music video – loud sound, people enjoying and water everywhere. We actually forgot it was lunch time.

Super cheap bottled water and Coca-cola Thai version

Super cheap bottled water and Coca-cola Thai version

At the end of the road, there were food stands and vendors selling water guns and face powder (na akala namin ay meringue). We opted to buy pad thai but we decided to eat at the hotel. That was quite a dumb thing to do, because when we walked through Khao San, I felt okay I will be eating “lomi” later and not pad thai. But what I liked about the people there was that if they see you holding something, say a camera that can be damaged once wet, or food in our case, they will be a bit considerate and not attack you. “Yun ang gusto ko di kagaya dito satin, walang pakundangan ang mga tao”. We took the shortcut to Rambuttri, climbed up to our room and ate the pad thai. We did not put anything on our pad thai which made it extraordinarily bland. I don’t know but I enjoyed it, I like bland pasta dishes. I like to taste the noodle sometimes without any sauce. I am weird I know but I liked it.

Pad Thai from one of the steet carts in Khao San road.

Pad Thai from one of the steet carts in Khao San road.

We went out again this time with the intention of getting really wet (diretso ligo na.hehe). We walked around Khao San around three or four times. Because we really wanted to join, we bought little water guns. Haha. (Nakakatawa yung nangyari samin nun). Because that was Songkran, the wetter you are, the luckier you will get. But when someone sees you with a water gun, they will attack you until almost all the water in their water guns are out. “Hindi naman kami makakaganti kasi baby water gun nga lang to!”. A kid out of nowhere attacked Kat. Kat saw that the kid was armed with a giant water gun. Kat revenged, I laughed the hardest, why? “Sabi ni Kat, bakit ganun bumawi ako di naramdaman nung bata.” Hahahaha. Ang lamya lamaya nung lumalabas na tubig sa water gun namin”. So we thought okay just enjoy the moment, besides, we were there to experience the wildest street party ever. Along Khao San, few stages are up with people above hosing the crowd. The water felt great. Perfect for the hot weather that day. On the next stage, they were hosing the crowd but not with water, but soap. Di mo na kailangan bumalik sa hotel dahil pwede ka na talagang maligo. This Songkran festival was just over my expectations. There was even a time when Kat was followed by a man and poured an entire bucket at her, I said nothing, I was shocked. But I guess that was just normal. Just don’t gun me with boiling water, unless you want to experience the wrath of a devil. Bwahahaha.

Thanks, Zinsano. We're able to bring money and eat outside. Haha!

Thanks, Zinsano. We’re able to bring money and eat outside. Haha!

The streets are getting overly crowded, we were stuck in the middle of the pack, people around us are singing their hearts out. It was past 4PM. We realized “bukas na pala tayo aalis yung mga damit natin nakasampay pa. Haha”. So we made our way to the hotel. Good thing we were just near the shortcut to Rambuttri. When we arrived at Rambuttri Road, wow there was a party. At least not as wild as the one in Khao San. We went inside the hotel and let ourselves dry.

While wet, we packed our things except the clothes we washed. We took a bath one by one then by 6PM we are done with putting things in our bags. At around 7PM, we were hungry, we were already dry, what to do? We don’t have any food but Kat’s cookies and some junk food. I went downstairs and asked the person at the front desk if she can order food for us because we do not want to get wet. She pointed at a lady wearing blue and said “the blue lady, order food”, I kind of understood what she said so I went upstairs because I didn’t have our money with me and told Shiela and Kat that we can order food, we went downstairs and asked the “blue lady” if she can order us food, she looked puzzled. “Di ko alam kung di lang niya naintindihan basta tinuro nalang nya ulit kami sa ibang tao”. A man gave us menu, we ordered pad thai, a woman approached us and said “ok”, but after a while she said “no more” , she opened the fridge and showed us that they do not have any ingredients left. “Sa isip isip namin, bakit pa kami kinunan ng order wala na naman palang pang sahog”. We went upstairs with empty stomachs, we settled for iced gem that Kat brought. Medyo naburo nga kami dun e.

We decided to call it a day because of the really early call time the next day, we haven’t packed our things yet but we decided to just do it the next day. Our second day was a bit relaxed. What a life!

Super wild Songkran party!

Super wild Songkran party!


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