How To Retrieve Philippine Airlines Itinerary

Upon receiving an email from PAL prompting me about a slight change in our Bangkok flight, I immediately went to their website to get my new itinerary. I have always been an OC person when it comes to my travel douments so needless to say, I wanted to print a new set of itinerary and not just the emailed advisory. After 30 minutes of browsing through the website and all its tabs, I figured that they do not have that kind of online feature. So I did my next best option and consulted Mr Google. Good enough, there are travellers on tripadvisor who mentioned

I immediately clicked the link, typed in my reference number and surname and viola! My itinerary was shown. Another plus point of this site is that you can print a single itinerary for each person included in the booking.

I was going through the printed itineraries when I remembered that it was the same with my previous itinerary from Airphil Express, now PAL Express. I tried retrieving my Cebu Pacific itinerary but to no avail. I guess that is just exclusive to some airlines.

Other options that you can use to reach PAL is through the following:

Hotline: (632) 855-8888

Online Inquiry Feedback Form:


Twiiter: @flyPAL


Here’s the homepage


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