Indochina Prologue: The Text That Started It All

Contributor: Melvin Corales

Backpacking Indochina: April 12-20, 2014 (c) www.travelfactor.org

Backpacking Indochina: April 12-20, 2014 (c) http://www.travelfactor.org

“Pa pa pa ra pa ra pa ra pa pa pa”, I was sitting on a computer chair. I can hear snaps of the Remote Control Panel while I put pressure on it. A commanding voice telling which camera to take. A dimly lit room filled with three people–two behind the desk and one in front of the video tape recorders. A beep came out of my phone which I ignored. Ten minutes of silence in the middle of loud audio distributed to the entire world. I picked up my phone and I read “Let’s do Backpacking Indochina!”, a scream burst out but no one heard a sound, a gush of blood through my veins immediately sends out happy hormones and then I am back. I am back to waiting game. It all started on a hot Christmas season when I was out of excitement for Christmas and a recently concluded Hong Kong short visit.

I was really hungry for another travel experience–and when I say experience, I mean experience. All this time, I always tend to go to a safer place–going to tourist spots and theme parks, but this time, I vowed to take on the once in a lifetime challenge that would definitely change me forever.

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