Plantation Bay Day Tour

Sun, sand and a whole lot of fun!

Sun, sand and a whole lot of fun!

With the kids!

With the kids!

On my recent trip to Cebu, I decided to take my brother and cousin to Plantation Bay. I read good reviews about the resort and wanted to experience it firsthand. So regardless if the weather was gloomy that day, we still visited Plantation Bay. And it was surprisingly still full of tourists considering that it was already the rainy season in the Philippines.

RATE – The Day Tour rate at Plantation Bay is Php2,000 per person. This includes 9AM-5PM use of all facilities like shower room, game room, all the pools (kayaks), play areas (archery, wall climbing, courts), bicycle and free lunch (appetizer, main dish, dessert and drink). No need for reservations. You can just go to the resort and tell the reception staff that you are in for a Day Tour.

STAFF – The front desk staff were nice and accommodating. The bellboys were very helpful and they assisted us in securing our bags since we do not have our own room. Almost all the staff that we met were very pleasant and courteous. They would always greet us while we were at the resort.

FOOD – The lunch served at Kilimanjaro Cafe was so good. The servings of the Lechon Kawali was huge. The signature soup was creamy and the satay and salad were tasty. We ended the lunch with a scoop of ice cream – a perfect way to cleanse our palate. The restaurant staff were very accommodating and kept on asking us about the quality of the food. Two-thumbs up!


Kilimanjaro Cafe and Treated Pool

POOLS – They have 3 huge saltwater pools, treated pools and springs scattered around the resort. They are huge so you can still swim and enjoy them even if there are many guests. There is even a bar beside one of the pools to treat you with a drink while enjoying the water. They are not very strict with the swimming attire but guests are required to wear proper swimwear at the treated pools. The lifeguards are very attentive. You can also try the kayak in one of the large saltwater pools for free. There are plenty of beach chairs where you can rest and relax anytime.


Saltwater Pool


Saltwater Pool and Play Area

BEACH – This is the little downside of the resort. The shoreline is small and plenty of little stones are scattered so wearing swimming gears is advisable. I wish it was wider so we could enjoy it better.

To compensate with the lack of shoreline, the resort has 3 saltwater pools inside with beach sand around so it feels like you are already in the beach.


Beach Chairs




Man-made beach/shore

ACTIVITIES – We enjoyed biking, riding the trams/small jeepneys and kalesa. My brother especially enjoyed the kayaking and archery. There are wall climbing areas, tennis courts and playgrounds. We also went to the gym and game room where we tried the air hockey, table tennis and billiards.


Free Ride at Trams to tour Plantation Bay


The Traditional Kalesa


Inside the Game Room


Wall Climbing Facility



Aside from what I mentioned above, there are also free towels and use of changing room, locker and shuttle service. If you need to go to the airport after the tour, just ask the reception staff of the free shuttle schedule or to call a cab for you.

It was a great and fun experience and we are definitely coming back!


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