Yiu Fai Guesthouse

Contributor: Melvin Corales

How to go to Yiufai

How to go to Yiufai

Located in the heart of Kowloon, along the hustle and bustle of Nathan Road, stands tall the Golden Crown Court where Yiu Fai Guesthouse is situated. Yiu Fai is simply our home away from home.

If you are looking for a guesthouse or hostel when you visit Hong Kong, I highly recommend Yiu Fai Guesthouse. First selling point? Yiu Fai is just a few minutes away from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, Victoria Harbour, Canton Road, Shopping Centers and Bus stops. You can go to any point from Nathan Road which makes it great. Second, it is cheap. We paid 550HKD per night for a room for three. The room is not that big but enough for backpackers who spend most of their time outside. You also get an ensuite bathroom with hot and cold shower which is perfect for Hong Kong’s chilly weather, a TV, an air-conditioner, Wi-Fi, and a new towel every single day.

Hao's Inn/Yiufai (They have the same owner)

Hao’s Inn/Yiufai (They have the same owner)

Our humble little home away from home: Yuifai Guesthouse

Our humble little home away from home: Yuifai Guesthouse

For a group of three, we decided to get a triple room. Inside, you’ll get a queen-sized bed and a single bed. Yiu Fai may not be the most decent looking but it is spotlessly clean. The caretaker regularly organizes your stuff and ready to extend a hand if you need anything. There is also a fridge outside and a water dispenser if you want hot water for coffee. I think more than the hostel room, it is the service that makes Yiu Fai a cut above the rest.

Booking is also a breeze. Shiela, who has more travel experience and by far has more guts to contact people, made the booking for us. Booking is relatively easy according to her. She e-mailed Raymond – owner of Yiu Fai, and asked for the availability of the rooms and other information such as number of guests and duration of stay. Raymond then replied with the availability and total price. He also sent a Paypal payment request. After Shiela paid thru Paypal, she sent the payment confirmation to Raymond just to inform him and that’s basically it. Easy as pie.

Aside from great service, good location, and clean room, the other good thing about Yiu Fai is that they offer discounts to some tourist destinations and theme parks. We were able to get discounted Disneyland tickets for 420HKD, Ocean Park for 250HKD, and Ngong Ping 360 round trip cable car ride for only 110HKD.

Discounted tickets from Yiufai

Discounted tickets from Yiufai

Our 4 nights and 4 days stay in Hong Kong and Macau became extra special because of Yiu Fai. There was even a time when my alarm clock can’t wake me up because I am so at home in here. Everything but the TV is great and I am not exaggerating . The next time you visit Hong Kong, you should stay here and you won’t be sorry. That may be the best decision you will ever make.


Accessibility: 10 out of 10
Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Yiu Fai is at the best place possible.  One more good point is that there is no curfew and each guest is given a key of the gates. And as guests, you should always be responsible with the keys and always keep the gate closed.

Value for money: 9 out of 10
I didn’t give a 10 because even the best of the best can have a room for improvement. Few points: they should give bathroom door keys to the guests. One incident happened to us when we accidentally locked our bathroom door. The caretaker opened it not with keys, but with force. And another one, they should also upgrade their Wi-Fi. There was an instance that when one of us is connected, the other two can’t connect at all. It would seem that they are just using an iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot. But again, we went there to enjoy Hong Kong and not to stay in the hostel surfing the net all day.

Comfort: 9 out of 10
Again, they can also improve on this aspect. We were basically satisfied with our room, equipped with air- conditioner, hot shower, and Wi-Fi.  Maybe they can give the guests extra pillow. Coming from a person who can’t sleep unless I have a pillow to hug, an extra pillow is appreciated. But everything else is good for me.

Over-all: 9.33 out of 10
Yiu Fai is a good backpackers hostel. Period. Try it then tell me if we had the same experience.

That’s it. Until next time, wait for my other hostels review.


Upon checking again, Yiu Fai has a new website. Kindly visit the site for more information on how to book rooms, its location, discounted tickets and other guest amenities. 😀

The New Yiu Fai Guest House is located at Flat E, 6th floor, Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hongkong
Tel : 2722 5349     Fax : 2368 1740


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