Cebu Chronicles Part 2

September 2011


Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Our morning started a little late since we were very tired from all the walking the other day. Before checking out from our hotel, we decided to buy danggit from Tabo-an market. It was one jeep away from where we stayed and quite easy to navigate. Thank you to our very helpful front desk personnel and the jeep driver.

We were greeted by the mouthwatering smell of the market. There were a lot of dried seafood everywhere; from dried pusit, to danggit and daing. The prices were a little expensive, good thing we were able to haggle and get a good price. I brought daing and danggit.

After buying our pasalubong, we went back to our hotel to take a bath and check out. By 11am, we were on our way to SM Cebu to visit the CNT Lechon restaurant. CNT is one of the popular lechon restaurants in Cebu and is located opposite of SM Cebu.

We visited SM Cebu first to buy more pasalubong and to see the mall. Then we left our baggage at the service area of the mall. It is very convenient for tourists who want to roam around but has a lot of bags. Then we went to CNT.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the lechon. I had so much expectation with the taste and crunchiness of the skin. Maybe we went a bit late and some of the best parts of the lechon were already brought. Anyway, I still enjoyed the lechon, puso and fresh lumpia.


Lunch at CNT


At the Lapu-Lapu Shrine

After having lunch, we went back to SM to claim our baggage. Then we hailed a cab to take us to Mactan Island. From there, we will meet a former colleague of my friends.

It was a little far from SM and we had a hard time locating the apartment of Ruby and Starr’s friend. Luckily, the driver was nice enough to talk to Kaye and ask her about her location, in Bisaya! Hehe. We arrived at Kaye’s apartment, rested a bit, then left our bags. We rode another jeep to Lapu-Lapu Shrine. It was a fast travel and I really enjoyed savoring the island.

We visited the shrine, took photos, and brought pasalubong from the stores lined up inside the shrine. I was able to buy cute key chains. There were also bags, tshirts, decors and guitars.

Then we hailed a trike to Portofino Resort. It was a relatively new resort plus the entrance was not very expensive. Honestly, upon arriving at the resort, I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting more since I heard a lot of good things about Cebu’s beaches. The sand was powdery and white-ish but the sea was a bit stony. We rented a small table then went swimming. During our stay, there were very few people, maybe about 3 families with us at the resort.


Portofino Beach Resort


Enjoying the beach!

After enjoying the beach, we rode a trike again to the nearest SUTUKIL  restaurant. Sutukil is the abbreviated word for sugba (grill), tula (simmer or stew) and kilaw (raw) – popular methods of cooking in Cebu. Fun thing about sutukil restaurants is that you can choose fresh and sometimes alive seafood that you prefer. During our stay, we chose a fish (which I forgot what is) for sugba, buttered crabs and clams for tula. We really enjoyed the experience and our tummy was fully satisfied.


Yummy buttered crabs.

Since we were already tired and full, we went back to Kaye’s apartment to get our bags and proceed to the airport. Upon arriving at the airport, we were surprised that many people were still there. When we looked at the flights board, many flights were delayed due to the airport traffic in NAIA. Since it was still several hours from our flight, we decided to look around for food stalls and pasalubong stores. Ruby was able to buy chicharon from Carcar. It was a bit pricey but worth it.

Good thing about Mactan Airport is that it is spacious and many people can sit unlike in Kalibo and Laoag. This is very convenient specially for cancelled flights. Ruby and Star were able to find seats where they can actually lie down.

Our flight was 3 hours delayed and there were only few people left in the airport, probably those in the same flight as ours. It was also nice of Airphil to provide us with dinner since most of the stores were closed and many of us were hungry.


Nothing to do but sleep.


Ooops. Delayed flight.

Free dinner courtesy of Airphil

Free dinner courtesy of Airphil

Our flight flew back to Manila at 2am. It was a brief and calm flight. I was so tired and I had to report back for work the same day but the trip was definitely worth it. I admire the taxi drivers’ honesty and friendliness and I love the rich history and culture (and the food of course!).


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