It’s More Fun in Palawan: Day 2 Puerto Princesa Underground River

October 18, 2012

Group Photo muna!

Group Photo muna!

We woke up early that day considering we had inuman session the night before. Yes, walang pinipiling lugar sa inuman. Haha! We had our breakfast at the rooftop of the hotel before packing our things and waiting for our tour guide.

Our guide fetched us at our guesthouse. Then before going to the Underground River, she asked us if we wanted to buy Off lotion first. She said that there were insects in the river so putting lotion would help protect our skin. After buying lotion, she gave us an option to head first to the Ugong Rock Formation. Since we were all up for adventure, we said yes and went there first.


After buying Off lotion.

It was a 1 1/2 hrs ride from Jamp to Ugong Rock Adventures. Before going inside the rock formation, we had a short introduction of the place and the do’s and dont’s while inside. Then we paid our fees and gathered our helmets and gloves. Helmets are very important for head protection especially if the ceiling is a bit low or if there are spiked rocks. Gloves are also necessary for hand protection and better grip.


Group pic muna.


Before entering Ugong Rock Formation

It was a real struggle inside. We had to bow down very low, squeeze ourselves in, and hold the ropes tight to be able to go up. I must say, I had a very good exercise there. After all the hardship of reaching the top of the rock formation, we were given the option to go back on the same way or to zipline. I chose the zipline. Though I am afraid of heights, I already tried the zipline before and I really enjoyed it so might as well try it again.

It was fast and steep. And the view was also nice. After the zipline experience, we wrote on the freedom wall to share our experience. We also bought our photos from the photo booth.


Can I really fit in there? Kaya!


This is it! Zipline na.


Tell me, how was the flight? Hehe

After our mini advenuture, we went on another 30 minute ride to Sabang Beach. Our guide registered us at the tourism office for the Underground River tour then we headed to a nearby resort for lunch.

While going to the resort, we passed by Sheridan Resort which is one of the popular (and expensive) resorts in Sabang Beach. We also passed by a raccoon and a snake. You can take a photo with them for a small price. Also while having our lunch, we were offered by some tinderas to try the Tamilok or shipworm. I wasn’t to exotic food that day so we did not try it.


Lunch at Sabang Beach


Kunyari dito rin kami nagstay.


One of the popular resorts in Sabang Beach

After having our lunch, we rode our boat to the island where the Subterranean River National Park is located. We saw small islands and other beautiful rock formations. It was already a sight while riding the boat to the island. But it was a lot more beautiful when we arrive at the national park.


Either I am a construction worker or a swimmer. haha!


Yehey! Excited na kami.

Before riding our boats, we visited the park first where we saw monkeys and other reptiles.

Then our tour came. We wore helmets and life vest for protection. We were greeted by bats and beautiful rock formation – both stalagmites and stalactites. Our boatman was also very funny. He kept on telling us jokes while introducing the different rock forms. We were never bored while covering the whole area. We even extended our ride and went father. I really hoped to see the crystals but he said it would require more time and it was already getting late.


Beautiful stone formation.


So what can you see?


Are you afraid of the dark?


Tourists heading back to the entrance.

Before heading back, we even tried to put all the lights out. I have very adventurous friends so they asked the 2 boatmen to turn off the lights. It was a complete blackout. That’s another adventure for us.


Say Hi! to the camera.


Cave’s mouth/opening

After about an hour, we went back the entrance. The guide took a photo of us then we returned our hemlets and life vests. We also bought our photos for souvenir.

We rode our boat and went back to Sabang Beach. Since we still had time, we swam for an hour and had merienda.

We really had a very exhausting day on our second day in Puerto Princesa. By the time we were riding our van back to our guesthouse, everyone was already asleep.

For the detailed itinerary and prices, please refer to this post.


TGIS pose.


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