It’s More Fun in Palawan: Day 1 City Tour

October 17, 2012


Yehey! Kumpleto na kami.

Our flight left NAIA Terminal 3 at 6:55am. After 1 hour and 10 mins, we arrived Puerto Princesa Airport. There were many tourist who arrived with us considering that it was still the rainy season. After arriving at the airport, we went out to look for our free shuttle service to Jamp Pension house.


PP International Airport

I really thought that the location of our guesthouse would be near the malls and restaurants. However, it was 30 mins away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads. Ruby got our guesthouse from a promo from Agoda. It was really cheap so we grabbed the sale. Anyway, it was still a relaxing place and the rooms were big enough so we just enjoyed whatever were offered to us. I paid Php1300 for a 3 nights stay at JAMP Pension House inclusive of breakfast.


My bed.

After waiting for the rest of Ruby’s friends to arrive early that day, we hired a van (through the help of Jamp’s staff) to take us on a City tour. There were 12 of us that time and taking trikes would not be efficient.

We decided to head first to Baker’s Hill to have our lunch. It was a total pig-out. Plus most of our friends were men so we really ordered a lot. The food was nice and delicious, however, the serving was a bit slow.


Welcome. welcome.


Lunch muna

After having our lunch, we decided to explore the area. It was a beautiful sanctuary. There were many statues of different characters like chefs, serving girls, and even Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

We also went to the mini park where they had other statues like dinosaurs, pirates and other animals. They even have a playground. After resting and enjoying the view, we went to the bakery to buy bread and pasalubong. I also saw mini cake models.




Mr Chef


Nasa Disney ba ako? haha


Cute little cakes.

After visiting Baker’s Hill, we went to Mitra’s Ranch. It offers a magnificent view of Puerto Princesa and the sea surrounding it. Guests can also try horseback riding in this place.


Nice view of the Palawan


Horseback riding.

Since none of our friends wanted to try horseback riding, we decided to go to the Crocodile Farm. You can have your photo taken while holding a small crocodile. Jella was brave enough to try and to that. As for me, I passed. I never liked cold-blooded animals anyway.

Some of the guys also tried the crocodile sisig. They said it tasted like pork but I never dared to try. Haha. Guests can also go inside the halls to see more crocodiles.


Crocodile sisig.


Tapang ni Jella.

After visiting the crocodiles, our driver took us to Tiangge-Tiangge, which basically what the name says, a tiangge or store. It is a haven for souvenirs or pasalubong -from pili tarts, dried fish, pearls, keychains, magnets and accessories to wood carvings, tshirts, bags and other local delicacies. I bought pili tarts, pearl earrings, keychains and tshirts.




Yehey! Pasalubong.

We also waited for our last 2 friends to arrive from Manila. By 2pm we were already complete, all 14 of us. Wow. Field trip na.

Our driver took us to the baywalk and then headed directly to Plaza Cuartel. From what I remembered, it used to be a prison. It is now transformed into a park. We saw statues and symbols inside like the one I posted below.

After vising the plaza and taking photos, we went to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral just in front of the plaza. My friends and I went inside to offer a short prayer then went back to our van.


At Plaza Cuartel


Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Since it was already late and most of us were famished, we went to Balinsasayaw restaurant. According to our driver, Balinsasayaw is actually a bird specie that can only be found in El Nido Palawan. It is also known because of its nest (made from its saliva) that is a primary ingredient for Nido soup, thus the origin.

We ordered nilasing na hipon, inihaw na manok, red egg, tortang talong at inihaw na pusit. It was really a very scrumptious meal.

Before going back to our guesthouse, we also visited a local coffee shop to try the cakes. It was very relaxing especially because of the acoustic music.

City tour: Php140.00/person

For the detailed itinerary and prices, please refer to this post.


Our yummy dinner.


Another photo from Baker’s Hill


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