What I Learned From Traveling Abroad!

“For all the stress I had from not knowing where I was going to stay sometimes, to what train I would catch and when, I learned that 99 % of the time, it all works out. And often times, better than you ever thought it would. Traveling alone, or even with a group of friends will not only teach you to trust yourself, but prove that you can.”

Thought Catalog

In the Spring of 2012 I took a three month trek across Europe, by myself. That is: solo female. Scary? No! FUN!! It was empowering and SO enjoyable! I would recommend it to any of my gal pals, or male friends for that matter. I was solo in more than one way at the time and had very little to lose in going. I had decided after college that going by myself for the duration of a college term was cheaper than going abroad while in college, so I packed my bags and headed out. Well, shell-shock is to be expected, but more than that, I wasn’t as scared as everyone was for me. In fact, I dare say I learned a thing, or two. For your enjoyment, I wrote some of them down! Feel free to use them in your planning phase for your own adventures:

Almost everyone, no…

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