Hong Kong and Macau Shopping Guide

Where and What to Shop in Hong Kong and Macau

by: Melvin Corales  – Certified Shopaholic

Melvin - certified shopaholic and my travel buddy

Melvin – certified shopaholic and my travel buddy

Traveling in a foreign country is not just about the never ending experience, new culture, exotic food and tourist spots; it is also about splurging a couple of bucks for s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g. Yes, shopping!

Hong Kong is a heaven if shopping is your cup of tea. Did I say Hong Kong was a huge mall? It is considered as one of the best shopping destinations in the world; no wonder malls popped up in every corner of HK, from Mongkok all the way to Causeway Bay. You’ll surely be overwhelmed with what HK can offer.

Sky’s the limit. Shop ‘til you drop. If you have lots of “kaching-kaching”, then you can say those. Unfortunately, that was not the case for us or maybe also for other people who are on budget travel. But I assure you, you can find great deals in HK even when you are on a tight budget.

First thing first: set yourself a limit. You would not want to enjoy HK and shop all you want then go back to your country broke. Sounds horrible? Believe me, it can happen. I have seen a lot of people who splurged on shopping then come home with credit card bills piling up. But don’t freak out because I’m here to give you idea on what to expect when you are in HK.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is Hong Kong’s answer to upper-east side of New York. If you are looking for signature brands, you can find them all in TST. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and the like maybe TST’s flagship stores but shops like Bonjour and Sasa can also be found along the busy street of Nathan Road. You should not miss the tiny bottles of signature perfumes for about 35HKD-60HKD.

Small perfume I got from Bonjour.

Small perfume I got from Bonjour.

Canton Road, located on the other side of Nathan Road has a variety of brands you can choose from. If you like something you can’t buy here in the Philippines then you should not miss H&M. H&M or Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish clothing brand well-knowned for its “fast-fashion” at an affordable price. We were able to buy some items here such as my jacket for 179HKD, Shiela and Kat got tops for 50HKD each. They also sell gift items for 50HKD which includes a hand gel, lotion, etc.

High-end shops

One of the high-ned shops in HK

Street Markets

Street markets are the perfect place to look for pasalubong. Aside from the fact that items are cheap, you can also name your price. Items you should not miss are shirts, magnets, keychains, and fake watches. To save more money, buy items in sets. Shirts can be bought for six(6) for 100HKD, keychains for 35HKD, and magnets for 10HKD. The Ladies Market in Mongkok, the Temple Street, and Sneaker Street are just few of street markets where you can buy all these pasalubong. Most tourist spots have small stalls selling souvenirs as well like The Peak and Ngong Ping Village.

Souvenir store at The Peak

Souvenir store at The Peak

Outlet Stores

Outlet Stores are hit in Hong Kong. We saw locals literally walked in with nothing but went out with paper bags. Sosyal! CityGate Outlets is the only outlet mall in Hong Kong where you can buy branded items at a discounted rate. Nike, Adidas, and Puma Outlet stores are the biggest hit.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland offers wide array of souvenir items you can give to your loved ones. Pricewise, the merchandise are not practical but who cares? It’s Disneyland for heaven’s sake, not everyday you get to be inside the happiest place on earth. Disneyland’s offering can cater to young and young at heart. After looking thoroughly in the stores, me, Shiela, and Kat found these: Jacket for 385HKD, Shirt for 195HKD, pens for 38HKD, School set for 50HKD, 3 cans of chocolate for 98HKD, Laminated coins (located practically in every corner) for 10HKD each. Other things you can buy in Disneyland includes the usual – keychains for 68HKD, and magnets for also 68HKD, stationary collection for 58HKD, cellphone Accessories for 78HKD, Plushies for 140HKD, pins for 50HKD, and a towel for 30HKD.


Tshirt souvenir


Cute Pens.

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong also boasts an underwater-themed park – the Hong Kong Ocean Park, what you can see in Disneyland you can also see here, one thing I noticed when I compared the merchandise of Disneyland and Ocean Park is the discrepancy in prices, shirts in Ocean Park are more expensive than Disneyland’s at 199-279HKD, I bought two shirts, one each for my brother and my sister. However, souvenirs in Ocean Park are relatively cheaper, keychains and magnets cost 38HKD each, Lanyard at 45HKD, pens at 25HKD and many more. Good thing there was a sale the day we went there so I was able to buy the two shirts for my brother and sister for 99HKD and 109HKD respectively. Tip: stuffed toys are pretty much like what you can see in most department stores here in the Philippines so don’t bother getting one, even from Disney. Just buy things that carry the name of the place, a remembrance so to speak.


Cute little plushies.


Huggable penguins and whales.

MTR Stations

MTR Stations in HongKong are not just train stations but shopping place as well. In some of the stations, you can find little bakeries, clothes shop, and probably one of our favorite shops in HongKong – Okashi Land. We were like literally “oy ang mura ha bili na tayo”. We grabbed chocolates and biscuits and all the sweets you can ever think of. Ferrero Rocher is much cheaper in HK, about 25 pieces for just 80HKD.

Hong Kong is the place to be when you’re a shopaholic, what you want? Name it and Hong Kong has it. But I’m not yet done (No!No!No!No!). Since our trip was HongKong-Macau, ergo, I’ll share some shopping tips when you end up in the Portugal-inspired part of China.


Macau is just an hour away from Hong Kong via ferry. Egg tarts and beef jerky are the must-try when you visit Macau. You can buy egg tarts for 4 for 20HKD. Price of beef jerky depends on how much will you buy. Souvenir Shops also sell the usual keychain, magnets, and shirt almost the same price as in Hong Kong.

One of my favorites, Portuguese egg tart.

One of my favorites, Portuguese egg tart.

Casinos and Shoppes

Dubbed as “Gambling Capital of the World”, Macau did a very clever idea of putting shoppes inside the hotels and casinos. The Venetian, MGM Grand, Four Seasons are just some of the hotels with shoppes inside. Items here are pretty expensive but if you still have lots of “kaching-kaching” then you’ll enjoy those places.


Man U water bottle


Man U jacket

So I guess that’s it, when you have a chance to go to HK, you are already educated about where to find what and what’s the best find. Till the next shopping guide. See you when I see you.


5 thoughts on “Hong Kong and Macau Shopping Guide

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  2. Thanks! Hong Kong is such an exciting place to visit. We stayed in TST in Kowloon and the shops are open early morning till midnight. I am sure you’ll love it there. Happy trip! 😀

  3. Hi, thank you for your comment, I tell you, you will love it in there. Lots of great bargain. Tip: if you are in Macau-shop and shop and shop, don’t worry about getting hungry because many stores are offering free tastes of their food. Enjoy your stay.


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