Day 2: Disneyland and Nathan Road

Backpacking Hong Kong and Macau

Day 1: Manila, HKIA, TST

November 24, 2012

Dream come true.

Dream come true.

Day 2 – This is it! Disneyland day!

Before heading to HK Disneyland we had our breakfast in our room. We ate the cup noodles we bought from 7-eleven the night before.

We were very excited to start our day but a very unfortunate event happened. I accidentally locked our bathroom door. There was no way to open it because it did not have key hole. We tried our best to use cards but they did not work. Since we had no choice and we really wanted to start our day early, Mel and Kat went to the 5th floor to ask for help. Yiu fai’s front desk was located at the 5th floor.

Blooper 2: Mel and Kat approached the old man sitting at the front desk. They told him that we accidentally locked the door. They tried to be calm as much as possible but the man had a difficulty understanding them. Then a woman appeared then said, “Bakit?”. They broke down and with all emotions said, “Ate, kasi nalock yung banyo namin.” Haha! Then the old man went to our room and opened the bathroom door. Now we can officially start our day. Whew!

Mel and Kat did not have enough HKD so we looked for the best money changer in TST. We went inside the Mirador and Chungking Mansions to check for the rates. Most offered very low exchange rates but luckily we found one of the best offers, $1=HKD7.700.

One of the best money changers in TST, Kowloon

One of the best money changers in TST, Kowloon – First International Resources Limited at Shop 42 G/F Mirador Mansion

After exchanging our USD, we went back to Yiu fai to buy their discounted tickets. We got very good discounts and were able to save money. Yey for more pasalubong!

Ticket(as of 11/24/2012)                 Original       Discounted

Disneyland                                                        399                 370

Ocean Park                                                        280                 250

Ngong Ping                                                        125                  100

The Peak                                                              75

*For the latest ticket prices, you may visit their websites. You may also look for discounted tickets at

Discounted tickets from Yiufai

Discounted tickets from Yiufai

Then we headed to the MTR station. We rode the Tsuen wan (red) line and alighted at Lai King. Then we transferred to the Tung Chung (orange) line and alighted at Sunny Bay station. Finally, we transfer to the Disneyland Resort line. (You may use HK MTR for train guide:

Blooper 3: Upon entering the TST train station, I stopped in front of the waiting area to Tsuen wan line. Mel wondered why I stopped. He actually thought that I stopped at a store. Then I told him that that was the waiting area for the train. Haha! Surprise surprise! They have another door to avoid people from jumping or falling off at the rails. This is one thing I liked about HK, SG and KL. They have walls blocking the rails for more security. Unlike here in the Philippines, every now and then you will hear people dying from jumping at the railroad tracks.

Tsuen Wan Line

Tsuen Wan Line

The train to Disneyland was an adventure itself. It was adorned with Mickey Mouse’s figure like the windows and train handles. After several minutes, we arrived at Disneyland. The land area was huge. We had to go up then walk a little before we saw the entrance of Disneyland. Then more photo op. We took photos with the welcome sign and with Mickey riding a surf board. Crazy as we were, we stayed there for almost 30 minutes just taking photos.


Find the Hidden Mickey. 🙂


Hello, Hong Kong Disneyland!

We had to fall in line for a couple of minutes for our tickets and bags to be checked. Luckily, we already had our own tickets so that lessen the waiting time. We stopped near Mickey Mouse’s figure made of flowers to take more photos. Some Filipinos also approached us to take their photos. This is one thing I learned from traveling – One  must be able to muster the courage to ask a stranger for a group photo. 😛

Upon entering the park, we spotted the first, among the many souvenir shops at Disneyland. We were very excited to look at the prices and the possible thing we might be able to bring home. We saw cute headbands, key chains, magnets, pens and pencils, and a lot more. Can you believe it, we wasted ONE HOUR just in that small souvenir shop. Haha!


More photo op!


First souvenir shop you will find when you enter Disneyland.


“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

Then we found one of the spots Mel and Kat had been very excited about – The Disney Animation Academy. They are both artists and wanted to be discovered. However, when we were there it was still closed. Awww. Maybe later.

Animation Academy! Where Mel and Kat wanted to study.

Animation Academy! Where Mel and Kat wanted to study.

After a few minutes, the Christmas Parade (Santa Mickey’s Toy-riffic street party) started at the Main Street. It was led by Mickey Mouse. A lot of people flocked the street to witness this magical event. It was very colorful and lively. One thing I noticed with this parade was the number of Filipino dancers. I even recognized some who were alumni of the UP Pep Squad. Filipino pride! Kids also got to participate and dance with the characters. I felt that I was a kid again. The parade was almost 30 minutes long and it ended with a snow show. What a way to start our Disney adventure.


Mickey leading the Christmas Parade.


Mel enjoying the snow show after the parade.

Then we passed by a food stall selling Mickey Mouse designed waffles. It smelled good but we had to pass since we were just very eager to see the rest of the park. After passing by some souvenir shops, taking tons of photos and riding some attractions, we had our lunch. Since it was Mel’s birthday the other day, he paid for it. We had burgers, hotdog sandwich, fries and softdrinks. (Price for a set meal: HKD60-80)


Mickey Mouse waffles. Yum!


The bday boy and his lunch treat.

The park consists of 6 “lands” which have different themes: the Main Street USA, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Fantasy Land, Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch. (I think they will soon open the Mystic Point). Each land has its own rides and souvenir shops.


HKD890 worth of souvenir. @_@


More stuffed toy souvenirs.


Kat enjoying her ride.



Around 2:30 pm, the  Flights of Fantasy parade started. Other Disney characters were present like Dumbo, the Disney Princesses and characters from Pooh, Lion King and A Bug’s Life. As part of the celebration, they also invited guests to participate in the parade. Because Mel and I were very “competitive”, we were called. We got to play a small wood instrument with one of the dancers. Bibo kids!


Hail to the Disney Princesses!


Because we were very active, we got invited to participate in the parade! Competitive eh!

After enjoying the parade, we went to the It’s A Small World Castle. We rode a small boat while touring it. It was a tour around the world. We got to hear the song in different languages and also saw the traditional clothing and popular spots in many countries. Of course we also saw the Philippines. It was represented by 2 ladies wearing baro’t saya with umbrella inside a bahay kubo (nipa hut). They also “tagalized” the song. (Kay liit lang ng mundo, Kay liit lang ng mundo, Kay liit lang ng mundo, Ang mundo natin). At the end of the ride, we were able to see “goodbye” written in different languages.


It’s A Small World depicting the Filipinos.


Paalam (Goodbye)

We also had our photos taken with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. You have an option to purchase their special photos or to use your own camera. If you’re on a tight budget, just use your own :). Before heading to the other attractions, we passed by Tinkerbell showing a little girl how to pose in front of the camera. Tinkerbell in her small voice: “okay, now let’s cross our hands like this and smile.. oh so sweet..”. Ang perky lang ni ate. haha!


The very witty Tinkerbell.

We also rode the Grizzly Gulch and other attractions in Adventureland, passed by Cinderella’s castle, watched the Festival of the Lion King and went in more souvenir shops. Before watching the Fireworks show, we decided to have dinner. We went to a food court near Adventureland. It was Kat’s turn to treat us for dinner. The food was very pricey but we were able to get a nice set (for kids) for HKD60. Included are chicken, rice, corn, watermelon (shaped like Mickey) and cream puffs! Yum!

Kat's bday treat

Kat’s bday treat


At Cinderella’s castle. A fairy tale came true.

Our night ended after watching the Fireworks show (lights and sounds show). It lasted for almost 3o minutes. Many people gathered in the open area near Cinderella’s castle. You could hear everyone’s excitement and delight everytime a new firework will light up the sky. In chorus, you could hear people saying “wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow”. Haha!

We left the park almost 9:30 pm. It was a very tiring day from all the walking, joining long queues and scouring souvenir shops but it was definitely fun. It was my dream to go to Disneyland and that day it came true. Yes, dreams do come true. And like what Walt Disney said (trivia: I used this quote on my HS grad speech): “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

See latest and separate HK Disneyland review here.


HKD370 1 day Park Pass

HKD 17.9 MTR from TST to Disneyland (used Octopus card)

HKD 17.9 MTR from Disneyland to TST (used Octopus card)

HKD60-80 set lunch (burger/hotdog sandwich, fries and softdrinks

HKD60 set dinner (rice, chicken, corn, watermelon and cream puffs)

HKD50 school set (pens, colors, eraser, notepad)

HKD98 3 small cans with chocolates

HKD38 Disney pen

HKD195 Disney tshirt

HKD10 Disney laminated coin


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  6. Hi! Would you mind sharing some points on discounted tickets for Disneyland, the Peak and Ngong Ping? Not my first time to go in HK but it’s been yeaarrrsss since the last time I went there. Now I’m going to bring my kid there on November.

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