It’s More Fun in Palawan: Day 2 Puerto Princesa Underground River

October 18, 2012

Group Photo muna!

Group Photo muna!

We woke up early that day considering we had inuman session the night before. Yes, walang pinipiling lugar sa inuman. Haha! We had our breakfast at the rooftop of the hotel before packing our things and waiting for our tour guide.

Our guide fetched us at our guesthouse. Then before going to the Underground River, she asked us if we wanted to buy Off lotion first. She said that there were insects in the river so putting lotion would help protect our skin. After buying lotion, she gave us an option to head first to the Ugong Rock Formation. Since we were all up for adventure, we said yes and went there first.


After buying Off lotion.

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It’s More Fun in Palawan: Day 1 City Tour

October 17, 2012


Yehey! Kumpleto na kami.

Our flight left NAIA Terminal 3 at 6:55am. After 1 hour and 10 mins, we arrived Puerto Princesa Airport. There were many tourist who arrived with us considering that it was still the rainy season. After arriving at the airport, we went out to look for our free shuttle service to Jamp Pension house.


PP International Airport

I really thought that the location of our guesthouse would be near the malls and restaurants. However, it was 30 mins away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads. Ruby got our guesthouse from a promo from Agoda. It was really cheap so we grabbed the sale. Anyway, it was still a relaxing place and the rooms were big enough so we just enjoyed whatever were offered to us. I paid Php1300 for a 3 nights stay at JAMP Pension House inclusive of breakfast.

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Passport Application at DFA SM Megamall

*Please refer to my new post for the Passport Renewal info.

Some time this month, I accompanied my Dad and Brother for their New Passport Application. We arrived at the Building C of SM Megamall (bus stop) at 9am, an hour earlier from our schedule. DFA SM Megamall’s schedule is from 10:00am-4:00pm. I scheduled their appointment one month before the appearance day. It was a good thing that I scheduled earlier because as of now, upon checking the DFA SM Megamall appointment site, the earliest you can schedule is first week of July. Whew! I really wanted to finish the application before the school year starts.

I was surprised that many people were already there. Maybe about 15 people in line. Then more people kept on coming. We were only allowed to go to the office which is located at the 7th floor at 10am. Luckily, we were among the first few people who were there.

Tip: If you came in late and there’s a long queue waiting at the elevator, go inside the mall and proceed to the 5th floor of building A. From there, you can use the stairs going to the DFA office. No need to wait for the elevator and the queue.

Make sure to bring the appointment checklist of your application. It is where you will find your appointment date and time. We presented our appointment to the guard at the door then he directed us to the “Attendance Section”, where they are scanning the application forms to confirm the schedule. The person in-charge will get the appointment form and return the application. Then proceed directly to the queuing machine to get your number. Make sure to select the appropriate button (I think I remember seeing New Passport and Renewal. There are 2 more buttons but I forgot what they are. ;)).

Appointment Form

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Puerto Princesa, Palawan 4D3N Itinerary

OCT 17-20, 2012

It's More Fun in Palawan!

It’s More Fun in Palawan!

DAY 1 – Oct 17
Time                       ITEM                                       PLACE                                    AMOUNT
5:30                        Terminal Fee                        NAIAT3                                       200

6:55                        Departure                              Airphil

8:05                        Arrival                                   PP Airport

8:30                        Free Shuttle                          To hotel

9:30                        Hotel Check in                     Jamp Pension House                  1300

12:00                     LUNCH                                   Baker’s Hill                                  300

14:00                     City Tour                                                                                   140

16:00                      Pasalubong                           Tiangge-Tiangge                      1030

19:00                      Dinner                                   Balinsasayaw                              300

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Hong Kong and Macau Shopping Guide

Where and What to Shop in Hong Kong and Macau

by: Melvin Corales  – Certified Shopaholic

Melvin - certified shopaholic and my travel buddy

Melvin – certified shopaholic and my travel buddy

Traveling in a foreign country is not just about the never ending experience, new culture, exotic food and tourist spots; it is also about splurging a couple of bucks for s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g. Yes, shopping!

Hong Kong is a heaven if shopping is your cup of tea. Did I say Hong Kong was a huge mall? It is considered as one of the best shopping destinations in the world; no wonder malls popped up in every corner of HK, from Mongkok all the way to Causeway Bay. You’ll surely be overwhelmed with what HK can offer.

Sky’s the limit. Shop ‘til you drop. If you have lots of “kaching-kaching”, then you can say those. Unfortunately, that was not the case for us or maybe also for other people who are on budget travel. But I assure you, you can find great deals in HK even when you are on a tight budget.

First thing first: set yourself a limit. You would not want to enjoy HK and shop all you want then go back to your country broke. Sounds horrible? Believe me, it can happen. I have seen a lot of people who splurged on shopping then come home with credit card bills piling up. But don’t freak out because I’m here to give you idea on what to expect when you are in HK.

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